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Sync with OpenStack Swift v1.12.0
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+# Syncing Gluster-Swift with Swift
+## Create a release
+Create a release in so that we can place the latest swift source for download. We'll place the source here, and it will allow tox in gluster-swift to download the latest code.
+## Upload swift release
+* Clone the git swift repo
+* Go to the release tag or just use the latest
+* Type the following to package the swift code:
+$ python sdist
+$ ls dist
+* Take the file in the `dist` directory and upload it to the new release we created it on
+## Setup Tox
+Now that the swift source is availabe on, copy its link location and update tox.ini in gluster-swift with the new link.
+## Update tests
+This part is a little more complicated and now we need to *merge* the latest tests with ours.
+I suggest using a tool called `meld` to make this work easier.
+Files that need to be merged:
+* Update unit tests
+$ export SWIFTDIR=../swift
+$ meld $SWIFTDIR/tox.ini tox.ini
+$ meld $SWIFTDIR/test-requirements.txt tools/test-requires
+$ meld $SWIFTDIR/requirements.txt tools/requirements.txt
+$ meld $SWIFTDIR/test/unit/proxy/ test/unit/proxy/
+$ cp $SWIFTDIR/test/unit/proxy/controllers/*.py test/unit/proxy/controllers
+$ meld $SWIFTDIR/test/unit/ test/unit/
+* Update all the functional tests
+First check if there are any new files in the swift functional test directory. If there are, copy them over.
+* Remember to `git add` any new files
+* Now merge the existing ones:
+for i in $SWIFTDIR/test/functional/*.py ; do
+ meld $i test/functional/`basename $i`
+## Update the version
+If needed, update the version now in `gluster/swift/`.
+## Upload the patch
+Upload the patch to Gerrit.
+## Update the release in
+Upload the gluster-swift*.tar.gz built by Jenkins to once the fix has been commited to the main branch.