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Don't (f)chown when it has no effect
For (f)chown calls which can change both UID and GID at once, -1 is reserved as a sentinel value to indicate "omitted argument" or "do not change". This makes sense when one of the args to (f)chown is -1. When both uid and gid args are -1, it doesn't make sense to call (f)chown as neither is going to be changed. Further, as of today, diskfile doesn't get the information (uid and gid) of the authenticated user from auth middleware. Retained the calls in code for future when such functionality might be added. Change-Id: If8463ae78a32c379d698260879810ed3c207af02 Signed-off-by: Prashanth Pai <> Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Thiago da Silva <> Tested-by: Thiago da Silva <>
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