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committerAnand Avati <>2013-02-22 21:03:03 -0800
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cluster/afr: Don't queue transactions during open-fd fix
Before Anonymous fds are available, afr had to queue up transactions if the file is not opened on one of its subvolumes. This happens until the attempt to open the file either succeeds or fails. These attempts happen until the file is successfully opened on the subvolume. Now client xlator uses anonymous fds to perform the fops if the fd used for the fop is not 'opened'. Fops will be successful even when the file is not opened so there is no need to queue up the transactions anymore in afr. Open is attempted on the subvolume where it is not opened independent of the fop. Change-Id: Id1a4b4ebe6f89f9efe8f6a8247918b91247d0819 BUG: 913051 Signed-off-by: Pranith Kumar K <> Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Gluster Build System <> Reviewed-by: Anand Avati <>
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+. $(dirname $0)/../include.rc
+. $(dirname $0)/../volume.rc
+. $(dirname $0)/../fileio.rc
+#Test that afr opens the file on the bricks that were offline at the time of
+# open after the brick comes online. This tests for writev, readv triggering
+# open-fd-fix in afr.
+TEST glusterd
+TEST pidof glusterd
+TEST $CLI volume create $V0 replica 2 $H0:$B0/${V0}0 $H0:$B0/${V0}1
+TEST $CLI volume set $V0 cluster.self-heal-daemon off
+TEST $CLI volume set $V0 performance.quick-read off
+TEST $CLI volume set $V0 off
+TEST $CLI volume set $V0 off
+TEST $CLI volume set $V0 performance.write-behind off
+TEST $CLI volume set $V0 performance.stat-prefetch off
+TEST $CLI volume set $V0 off
+TEST $CLI volume set $V0 cluster.background-self-heal-count 0
+TEST $CLI volume start $V0
+TEST glusterfs --entry-timeout=0 --attribute-timeout=0 -s $H0 --volfile-id=$V0 $M0 --direct-io-mode=enable
+TEST kill_brick $V0 $H0 $B0/${V0}0
+TEST mkdir $M0/dir
+TEST touch $M0/dir/a
+TEST touch $M0/dir/b
+echo abc > $M0/dir/b
+TEST wfd=`fd_available`
+TEST fd_open $wfd "w" $M0/dir/a
+TEST rfd=`fd_available`
+TEST fd_open $rfd "r" $M0/dir/b
+TEST $CLI volume start $V0 force
+EXPECT_WITHIN 20 "1" afr_child_up_status $V0 0
+#check that the files are not opned on brick-0
+realpatha=$(gf_get_gfid_backend_file_path $B0/${V0}0 "dir/a")
+EXPECT "N" gf_check_file_opened_in_brick $V0 $H0 $B0/${V0}0 "$realpatha"
+EXPECT "N" gf_check_file_opened_in_brick $V0 $H0 $B0/${V0}0 $B0/${V0}0/dir/a
+realpathb=$(gf_get_gfid_backend_file_path $B0/${V0}0 "dir/b")
+EXPECT "N" gf_check_file_opened_in_brick $V0 $H0 $B0/${V0}0 "$realpathb"
+EXPECT "N" gf_check_file_opened_in_brick $V0 $H0 $B0/${V0}0 $B0/${V0}0/dir/b
+#attempt self-heal so that the files are created on brick-0
+TEST ls -l $M0/dir/a
+TEST ls -l $M0/dir/b
+#trigger writev for attempting open-fd-fix in afr
+TEST fd_write $wfd "open sesame"
+#trigger readv for attempting open-fd-fix in afr
+TEST fd_cat $rfd
+EXPECT_WITHIN 20 "Y" gf_check_file_opened_in_brick $V0 $H0 $B0/${V0}0 $B0/${V0}0/dir/a
+EXPECT_WITHIN 20 "Y" gf_check_file_opened_in_brick $V0 $H0 $B0/${V0}0 $B0/${V0}0/dir/b
+TEST fd_close $wfd
+TEST fd_close $rfd