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+#This file checks if stale file lookup fails or not.
+#A file is deleted when a brick was down. Before self-heal could happen to it
+#the file is accessed. It should fail.
+. $(dirname $0)/../../include.rc
+. $(dirname $0)/../../volume.rc
+TEST glusterd
+TEST pidof glusterd
+TEST $CLI volume create $V0 replica 2 $H0:$B0/${V0}{0,1}
+TEST $CLI volume set $V0 self-heal-daemon off
+TEST $CLI volume set $V0 cluster.metadata-self-heal off
+TEST $CLI volume set $V0 cluster.entry-self-heal off
+TEST $CLI volume set $V0 off
+TEST $CLI volume start $V0
+TEST glusterfs --volfile-id=/$V0 --volfile-server=$H0 $M0 --attribute-timeout=0 --entry-timeout=0
+TEST touch $M0/a
+TEST kill_brick $V0 $H0 $B0/${V0}0
+TEST rm -f $M0/a
+TEST $CLI volume start $V0 force
+EXPECT_WITHIN 20 "1" afr_child_up_status $V0 0
+TEST stat $B0/${V0}0/a
+TEST ! stat $B0/${V0}1/a
+TEST ! ls -l $M0/a