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* glusterd/snapshot: Fix brick statusVijaikumar M2014-03-133-2/+46
* snapshot : Output correction in snapshot info and create.Sachin Pandit2014-03-132-2/+2
* glusterd/snapshot: Validate path provided for snapshot mountVijaikumar M2014-03-131-0/+13
* feature/snapshot : Snapshot status.Sachin Pandit2014-03-136-14/+1302
* snapshot/restore: Restore failed in multiple node testRajesh Joseph2014-03-131-15/+18
* glusterd/snapshot : Show volume status in snap info.Sachin Pandit2014-03-102-0/+18
* glusterd/snapshot : Introduced a macro for snapshot info command.Sachin Pandit2014-03-104-47/+107
* snapshot/restore : Snapshot restore changes.Sachin Pandit2014-03-104-400/+138
* glusterd/snapshot: Modified restore backendRajesh Joseph2014-03-106-477/+282
* glusterd/mgmt_v3 locks. Testcase for mgmt_v3 locks.Avra Sengupta2014-03-074-6/+129
* glusterd/mgmt_v3 locks: Using snaps as an entity for mgmt_v3 locks.Avra Sengupta2014-03-076-207/+429
* glusterd/mgmt_v3 locks: Handling different entities with mgmt_v3_locks.Avra Sengupta2014-03-077-43/+111
* glusterd/mgmt_v3 locks: Generalization of the volume wide locks.Avra Sengupta2014-03-0716-325/+331
* gluster/snapshot: Create missing backend snapshot folderRajesh Joseph2014-03-073-47/+79
* glusterd/snapshot: snapshot list and info changesVijaikumar M2014-03-061-776/+423
* glusterd/snapshot: Snapshot create and delete changesVijaikumar M2014-03-0612-1177/+686
* cli/snapshot : snapshot delete CLI changes.Sachin Pandit2014-03-057-32/+70
* cli/snapshot : snapshot list CLISachin Pandit2014-03-053-4/+104
* CLI/snapshot : Snapshot info CLI changesSachin Pandit2014-03-054-545/+362
* CLI/snapshot : Snapshot create CLI changes.Sachin Pandit2014-03-042-186/+133
* glusterd/snapshot: store location for snap driven changesVijaikumar M2014-03-0315-1816/+951
* glusterd/Volume Lock: Corrupted Txn Id FixAvra Sengupta2014-03-035-5/+53
* Snapshot: Admin guide for snapshot managementRajesh Joseph2014-02-181-0/+66
* Snapshot: snap-max-limit implementedJoseph Fernandes2014-02-183-59/+206
* mgmt/glusterd: handle compilation errorRaghavendra Bhat2014-02-141-0/+3
* CLI/snapshot : Support to delete a snap forcefully using "force" optionSachin Pandit2014-02-132-9/+12
* mgmt/glusterd: check the status of the snap volume while stopping snap bricksRaghavendra Bhat2014-02-131-1/+1
* glusterd/snapshot: Use snap uuid to create lvm snapshotVijaikumar M2014-02-138-101/+253
* glusterd/snapshot: Running lvcreate --help to check if setactivationskip is s...Avra Sengupta2014-02-051-17/+50
* glusterd/snapshot : Making the snap mount read-only.Sachin Pandit2014-02-052-1/+39
* snapshot: Framework for testing snapshotVijaikumar M2014-02-045-1/+309
* glusterd: Handling eof during gf_store_read_and_tokenizeAvra Sengupta2014-02-041-4/+4
* glusterd/snapshot : snapshot delete - check if process is killed before unmou...Sachin Pandit2014-02-042-3/+23
* mgmt/glusterd: perform store on only newly created snapshotRaghavendra Bhat2014-02-023-13/+103
* glusterd/vol-locks: Dict_ref while adding req_ctx->dict to txn_opinfosAvra Sengupta2014-01-217-83/+71
* Merge "glusterd/vol-locks: Releasing vol-locks on receiving peer disconnect" ...Rajesh Joseph2014-01-211-0/+14
| * glusterd/vol-locks: Releasing vol-locks on receiving peer disconnectAvra Sengupta2014-01-211-0/+14
* | glusterd/snapshot: Move out code from prevalidate functionVijaikumar M2014-01-211-156/+225
* Merge "protocol/server: get the client object from frame->root even in barrie...Rajesh Joseph2014-01-202-3/+1
| * protocol/server: get the client object from frame->root even in barrierRaghavendra Bhat2014-01-152-3/+1
* | glusterd/snapshot : Making snap time persistent.Sachin Pandit2014-01-161-11/+61
* Merge "protocol/server: copy the response into the payload instead of using t...Rajesh Joseph2014-01-153-3/+7
| * protocol/server: copy the response into the payload instead of using the pointerRaghavendra Bhat2014-01-133-3/+7
* | Merge "cli: fix displaying of different delete message" into developmentRajesh Joseph2014-01-151-1/+1
|\ \
| * | cli: fix displaying of different delete messageRaghavendra Bhat2014-01-071-1/+1
* | | mgmt/glusterd : Having a separate list for snapshots.Sachin Pandit2014-01-157-9/+47
* | | glusterd/snapshot : Update the parent volume name of snap during restore.Sachin Pandit2014-01-151-0/+1
* | | Merge "glusterd/snapshot: A Warning must be displayed before the snapshot is ...Rajesh Joseph2014-01-152-9/+40
|\ \ \
| * | | glusterd/snapshot: A Warning must be displayed before the snapshot is deletedVijaikumar M2014-01-152-9/+40
* | | | Snapshot: Minor change to fix last merge conflictRajesh Joseph2014-01-152-1/+1
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