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+# Release notes for GlusterFS-3.7.18
+GlusterFS-3.7.18 is a normal minor release for GlusterFS-3.7.
+The 3.7.18 release does not have a new operating-version. The operating-version remains 30712.
+## Bug Fixed
+The following bugs have been fixed in this release
+- [#1391451]( md-cache: Invalidate cache entry in case of OPEN with O_TRUNC
+- [#1391851]( removal of file from nfs mount crashs ganesha server
+- [#1392289]( gfapi clients crash while using async calls due to double fd_unref
+- [#1392715]( Quota version not changing in the quota.conf after upgrading to 3.7.1 from 3.6.1
+- [#1392853]( Hosted Engine VM paused post replace-brick operation
+- [#1392867]( The FUSE client log is filling up with posix_acl_default and posix_acl_access messages
+- [#1393631]( Better logging when reporting failures of the kind "<file-path> Failing MKNOD as quorum is not met"
+- [#1392181]( "gluster vol status all clients --xml" get malformed at times, causes gstatus to fail
+- [#1394188]( SMB[md-cache Private Build]:Error messages in brick logs related to upcall_cache_invalidate gf_uuid_is_null
+- [#1396419]( [md-cache]: All bricks crashed while performing symlink and rename from client at the same time
+- [#1395245]( glusterd crash
+- [#1397662]( libgfapi core dumps
+- [#1392366]( trashcan max file limit cannot go beyond 1GB
+## Known Issues
+- Commit b33f3c9, which introduces changes to improve IPv6 support in GlusterFS has been reverted as it exposed problems in network encryption, which could cause a GlusterFS cluster to fail operating correctly when management network encryption is used.
+- Network encryption has an issue which could sometimes prevent reconnections from correctly happening.
+- [#1353856]( Inode leak in fuse
+- [#1379838]( gluster missing gfid attribute, healing doesn't work
+- [#1379178]( split brain on file recreate during downed brick.
+- [#1373618]( remove-brick status shows 0 rebalanced files
+- [#1373396]( Misleading error messages on brick logs while creating directory (mkdir) on fuse mount
+- [#1372729]( Possible VSZ leak in glusterfsd brick process