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doc: Updated 4.0.0 release notes
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@@ -307,34 +307,20 @@ versions. If you have multiple clients creating, renaming or removing files
from the same directory, you can disable this option to improve the performance
for these users while still keeping best performance for file accesses.
-### Geo-replication
-#### 1. JSON output for Geo-rep status and config for Glusterd2 integration
-**Notes for users:**
-gsyncd config and status-get commands can now return data in JSON formats.
-Use --json while using these commands to get the required outputs in JSON.
-#### 2. Enhance Geo-replication to use Volinfo from Config file
+#### 7. md-cache: Added an option to cache statfs data
**Notes for users:**
-Geo-replication config file is enhanced to accept additional fields that contain
-required master and slave volume information. Use the option,
-`--use-gconf-volinfo` when using the monitor command, for it to pick these up
-from the configuration file.
-Config is enhanced with the following fields,
+This can be controlled with option
- master-bricks=NODEID:HOSTNAME:PATH,..
- slave-bricks=NODEID:HOSTNAME,..
- master-volume-id=
- slave-volume-id=
- master-replica-count=
- master-disperse_count=
+gluster volume set <volname> <on|off>
-Note: Existing Geo-replication is not affected since this is activated only
-when the option `--use-gconf-volinfo` is passed while spawning `gsyncd monitor`
-#### 3. Geo-replication: Improve logs
+#### 8. Improved disperse performance due to parallel xattrop updates
+**Notes for users:**
+Disperse translator has been optimized to perform xattrop update operation
+in parallel on the bricks during self-heal to improve performance.
+### Geo-replication
+#### 1. Geo-replication: Improve logs
**Notes for users:** is the script which runs during geo-rep session creation which
validates pre-requisites. The logs have been improved and locations are changed
@@ -344,21 +330,12 @@ as follows,
2. Master mount log file is separated from the slave log file under,
-#### 4. Geo-rep: Cleanup stale (unusable) XSYNC changelogs.
+#### 2. Geo-rep: Cleanup stale (unusable) XSYNC changelogs.
**Notes for users:**
Stale xsync logs were not cleaned up, causing accumulation of these on the
system. This change cleans up the stale xsync logs, if geo-replication has to
restart from a faulty state.
-#### 5. Improve gsyncd configuration and arguments handling
-**Notes for users:**
-TBD (release notes)
-**Known Issues:**
### Standalone
#### 1. Ability to force permissions while creating files/directories on a volume
**Notes for users:**
@@ -403,6 +380,10 @@ will run clean on a FIPS enabled system.
NOTE: Once glusterfs 3.x is EOL'ed, the usage of the option to control this
change will be removed.
+Snapshot feature in Gluster still uses md5 checksums, hence running in FIPS
+compliant systems requires that the snapshot feature is not used.
#### 3. Dentry fop serializer xlator on brick stack
**Notes for users:**
This feature strengthens consistency of the file system, trading it for some
@@ -463,6 +444,25 @@ This is changed with this release to process children directories before the
parents, thereby changing the way rebalance acts (files within sub directories
are migrated first) and also resolving the directory listing issue.
+#### 7. Rebalance skips migration of file if it detects writes from application
+**Notes for users:**
+Rebalance process skips migration of file if it detects writes from application.
+To force migration even in the presence of writes from application to file,
+"cluster.force-migration" has to be turned on, which is off by default.
+The option to control this behavior is,
+# gluster volume set <volname> cluster.force-migration <on/off>
+It is suggested to run remove-brick with cluster.force-migration turned off.
+This results in files which have writes from clients being skipped during
+rebalance. It is suggested to copy these files manually to a Gluster mount post
+remove brick commit is performed.
+Rebalancing files with active write IO to them has a chance of data corruption.
### Developer related
#### 1. xlators should not provide init(), fini() and others directly, but have class_methods
**Notes for developers:**