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doc: documented about fips-mode-rchecksum
Updated release notes to document about fips-mode-rchecksum. fixes: bz#1703322 Change-Id: Id6707fca6fc2dbc251f6e00e635a63d9e31f88f7 Signed-off-by: Rinku Kothiya <>
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2. Release 7 will receive maintenance updates around the 10th of every month
-for the first 3 months post release (i.e Sep'19, Oct'19, Nov'19). Post the
+for the first 3 months post release (i.e Oct'19, Nov'19, Dec'19). Post the
initial 3 months, it will receive maintenance updates every 2 months till EOL.
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+## Note
+Any new volumes created with the release will have the `fips-mode-rchecksum` volume option set to `on` by default.
+If a client older than glusterfs-4.x (i.e. 3.x clients) accesses a volume which has the `fips-mode-rchecksum` volume option enabled, it can cause erroneous checksum computation/ unwanted behaviour during afr self-heal. This option is to be enabled only when all clients are also >=4.x. So if you are using these older clients, please explicitly turn this option `off`.
## Bugs addressed
Bugs addressed since release-6 are listed below.