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The 'nagios-server-addons.spec' file demonstrates how to distribute
this as an RPM package.
+Sending Notifications to Ovirt Engine
+ Nagios can be configured to send notifications to Ovirt engine to notify important nagios events.
+Configure the 'Ovirt' Contact defined in /etc/nagios/gluster-gluster-contacts.cfg with actual
+ovirt details.
+# Ovirt Engine Rest API URL
+_ovirt_rest_api #http://[ovirt-engine-address]:[port]/ovirt-engine/api
+_ovirt_user # username@domain
+# Ovirt password has to be configured as a user variable USER3$ in file /etc/nagios/private/resource.cfg.
+$USER3$ = [password for the user defined in contact 'Ovirt']
+User variable $USER3$ is used in commands to pass the password to the handler. If some other variable is
+used to configure password than it has to be updated in the nagios commands 'notify-host-to-ovirt' and
+'notify-service-to-ovirt' defined in file /etc/nagios/gluster/gluster-commands.cfg
Getting Help