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+*** Cluster and Gluster Configuration
+The cluster has MAX nodes. Each node has a gluster brick.
+The bricks are assembled into a single gluster volume, using
+pure replication. The gluster volume is mounted at the same
+BASE_PATH on each node.
+Edit BASE_PATH in gt.h to the appropriate path before
+Compile the test programs
+ cc gt_init.c -o gt_init
+ cc gt_rename.c -o gt_rename
+ cc gt_read.c -o gt_read
+And distribute them to all nodes of the cluster.
+*** Test Configuration
+There are three test programs.
+One instance of gt_init is run once, on any node in
+the cluster, before the other test processes are started.
+This cleans up and initializes the contents of BASE_PATH,
+then terminates.
+An instance of gt_rename runs on every node. Each instance is
+started with a numeral from 1 to MAX as a command line argument.
+These continuously replace a set of files by renaming a temp
+file on top of existing files.
+An instance of gt_read runs on every node. Each instance is
+started with a numeral from 1 to MAX as a command line argument.
+These continuously read all the files touched by the set of
+gt_rename processes.
+I.e., with cluster nodes numbered 1 to MAX, on node n start:
+ gt_rename n &
+ gt_read MAX &
+*** File Structure
+ /WA_RC_1
+ /WA_RC_2
+ /...
+ /MAX/WA_RC_0
+ /WA_RC_1
+ /WA_RC_2
+There is a directory under BASE_PATH for each node,
+numbered 1 through MAX.
+gt_rename processes manipulate files only within
+their node's directory.
+gt_read test process reads all files and writes no
+Every file is written by only one test process.
+The contents of every directory (not directory tree)
+is written by only one test process.
+Every file is read by MAX test processes other than
+the single writing test process.
+*** Test Operation
+The gt_init process destroys any existing file structure
+under BASE_PATH, then creates and initializes the contents
+of the file structure.
+The gt_rename processes always write a fixed distinctive
+value into each file they write. They open a temp file, write a
+fixed value, and rename the file onto the standard file.
+The fixed value is different for every standard file.
+The gt_rename and gt_read processes always test each file for
+existence, then check the contents for the expected distinctive
+value, for each file they access. Apparently missing files or
+unexpected contents are logged.
+The gt_rename and gt_read processes iterate every CYCLE_TIME
++[0..CYCLE_JITTER) milliseconds until terminated.
+By observing the output of the gt_read processes, the
+characteristics of bug1034 can be seen. On node n, gt_read
+gets ENOENT for open and for read-after-successful-open on