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system_light: changes to have modularity in running tests
Till now this script allowed running all the tools (or exit for the first failure). Running individual tools was not possible. Now individual tools can be given as an argument to run. Change-Id: Ia133943667ad4dc30956f4a021f2edfc30458cee Signed-off-by: Raghavendra Bhat <>
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-#Test path i.e. the path where the configuration file resides.Execution must be done from the saopt location where it resides
-export CONF_FILE=/opt/qa/tools/system_light/config
-#Directory from which the script is invoked
-export ERR=0
-#The log file where the error optassages and the tiopt duration should be logged
-export TMP="/mnt/logs"
-export LOG_FILE="$TMP/time$$.log"
-export TEST_DIR=$PWD
-export DECISION="n"
-export TYPE="other"
-while getopts 'w:l:D:t' option
- case $option in
- w)
- ;;
- l)
- ;;
- D)
- ;;
- t)
- ;;
- esac
-# Do you want thetest to be terminated on first falure? Press y if you want to
-if [ "$DECISION" = "y" ]; then
- set -e;
-#File where failed tests are saved"
-export LOG_DIR=$(dirname $LOG_FILE)
-#mkdir $LOG_DIR/tests_failed
-export TEST_FAIL=$LOG_DIR/tests_failed
-#GlusterFS mount point
-export GF_MP=$TEST_DIR
-export THIS_TEST_DIR=$TEST_DIR/run$$/
-#The path which contains the binaries of arequal,postmark,dbench,fileop etc if they are not installed in the system
-export PATH=$PATH:/opt/qa/tools
-export BIN_PATH=/opt/qa/tools
-#Arequal related variables
-export ARE_SRC_DIR=/opt/qa/tools/ #The Directory in which the file or the directory being tested is present
-export FILEORDIR=system_light #THe file or the directory to be tested
-export ARE_DST=$THIS_TEST_DIR$FILEORDIR #The destination directory where the test file should be copied
-#Bonnie Related variables
-export USER_NAME=`whoami`
-#dbench related variables
-export TIME=300
-export DBENCH_CLNTS=10
-#dd related variables
-export OF=dd_test
-export BS_SIZE=100M
-export DD_CNT=10
-#Read from the large file
-export LARGE_FILE_DEST=/dev/null
-#fileop related variables
-#export FILEOP_SIZE=100
-export FILEOP_CNT=30
-#fsx related variables
-export FSX_FILE_ORIG=/opt/qa/tools/read
-export FSX_FILE=$(basename $FSX_FILE_ORIG)
-export NUM_OPS=100 #Number of operations to be perforoptd default is infinity
-#ffsb related variables
-export FFSB_FILE=$THIS_TEST_DIR/profile_everything
-#glusterfs build
-export GFS_VERSION=3.0.0pre2
-export GLUSTERFS_TAR_FILE=/opt/qa/tools/glusterfs-$GFS_VERSION.tar.gz
-export GLUSTERFS_DIR=glusterfs.git
-#ioblazer related variables
-#iozone related variables
-export FILE_SIZE=4g
-export RECORD_SIZE=22k
-# kernel related variables
-#export SCRIPTS_PATH="/opt/qa/tools/system_light/scripts"
-export VERSION=
-export KERNEL_PATH=/opt/qa/tools/linux-$VERSION.tar.bz2
-#ltp related variables
-export LTP_DIR=/opt/qa/tools/ltp-full-20091031/testcases/kernel/fs/
-#locks related variables
-export LOCK_BIN=/opt/qa/tools/locks/locktests
-export CON_PROC=22
-export LOCK_TEST_FILE=$THIS_TEST_DIR/locks_test
-#lmbench related variables
-export LM_DIR=lmbench-3.0-a9
-export SRC_DIR=$BIN_PATH/lmbench-3.0-a9
-#openssl related variables
-export OPENSSL_TAR_FILE="/opt/qa/tools/openssl-0.9.8c.tar.gz"
-export OPENSSL_DIR="openssl-0.9.8c"
-export PREFIX=''
-export OPENSSLDIR=''
-#posix compliance related variables
-export DIR="/opt/qa/tools/posix-testsuite";
-#postmark related variables
-export POST_FILE=/opt/qa/tools/system_light/pm.config
-#Multiple file related variables
-export NUM_OF_FILES=100000
-#syscallbench related variables
-export TOOL_DIR=/opt/qa/tools/tools.git
-export SYSCALL_BIN=$TOOL_DIR/syscallbench/syscallbench
-export SYSCALL_PLOT=$TOOL_DIR/syscallbench/syscallben-plot
-#tiobench related variables
-export TIO_BIN=/opt/qa/tools/tiobench-0.3.3/tiotest