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Automatically accept the ssh key
See While this would open us to MITM in very specific case (like, just after a server was reinstalled), a attacker would like just get access to vote on a patch as the regression tests, which do not seems that a big attack. This wouldn't also be stealth, since the MITM would be discovered as soon as the traffic is no longer intercepted. Plus, the others scripts already do the same. Change-Id: I8e294d92c2602c86fe6f04227512ce70ec081f03
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--- a/build-gluster-org/scripts/
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@@ -117,5 +117,5 @@ fi
# Update Gerrit with the success/failure status
sudo mv /tmp/gluster_regression.txt $WORKSPACE || true
sudo chown jenkins:jenkins gluster_regression.txt || true
-ssh gerrit review --message "'$BURL : $VERDICT'" --project=glusterfs --label CentOS-regression="$V" $GIT_COMMIT
+ssh -o "StrictHostKeyChecking=no" gerrit review --message "'$BURL : $VERDICT'" --project=glusterfs --label CentOS-regression="$V" $GIT_COMMIT
exit $RET