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authorAmar Tumballi <>2019-06-10 22:58:17 +0530
committerAmar Tumballi <>2019-06-10 22:58:20 +0530
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clang: add '-analyze-header' option
Some of the recent analysis of the clang scan report shows that some macros were not considered while analyzing. Specially the LIST_INIT(), causing at least 30+ false positives. This is an effort to see if this option has anything to do with that. Change-Id: I589050eea6088bfe7adffdc7c23a2228f8c71631 Signed-off-by: Amar Tumballi <>
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diff --git a/build-gluster-org/scripts/ b/build-gluster-org/scripts/
index 5574bff..5def953 100644
--- a/build-gluster-org/scripts/
+++ b/build-gluster-org/scripts/
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ $MOCK --install rpcgen libtirpc-devel langpacks-en glibc-langpack-en automake au
$MOCK --copyin $WORKSPACE /src
$MOCK --chroot "cd /src && ./"
$MOCK --chroot "cd /src && ./configure CC=clang --enable-gnfs --enable-debug"
-$MOCK --chroot "cd /src && scan-build -o /src/clangScanBuildReports -disable-checker deadcode.DeadStores -v -v --use-cc clang --use-analyzer=/usr/bin/clang make"
+$MOCK --chroot "cd /src && scan-build -o /src/clangScanBuildReports -disable-checker deadcode.DeadStores -v -v -analyze-headers --use-cc clang --use-analyzer=/usr/bin/clang make"
$MOCK --copyout /src/clangScanBuildReports $WORKSPACE/clangScanBuildReports
$MOCK --clean
sudo chown -R jenkins:jenkins clangScanBuildReports