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gluster-block: Initial Commit
gluster block storage CLI. As of now, gluster-block is capable of creating tcmu based gluster block devices, across multiple nodes. All you need is a gluster volume (on one set of nodes) and tcmu-runner ( running on same(as gluster) or different set of nodes. From an another (or same) node where gluster-block is installed you can create iSCSI based gluster block devices. What it can do ? -------------- 1. create a file (name uuid) in the gluster volume. 2. create the iSCSI LUN and export the target via tcmu-runner in multiple nodes (--block-host IP1,IP2 ...) 3. list the available LUN's across multiple nodes. 4. get info about a LUN across multiple nodes. 5. delete a given LUN across all given nodes. $ gluster-block --help gluster-block (Version 0.1) -c, --create <name> Create the gluster block -v, --volume <vol> gluster volume name -h, --host <gluster-node> node addr from gluster pool -s, --size <size> block storage size in KiB|MiB|GiB|TiB.. -l, --list List available gluster blocks -i, --info <name> Details about gluster block -m, --modify <RESIZE|AUTH> Modify the metadata -d, --delete <name> Delete the gluster block [-b, --block-host <IP1,IP2,IP3...>] block servers, clubbed with any option Typically gluster-block, gluster volume and tcmu-runner can coexist on single set of nodes/node or can be split across different set of nodes. Install: ------- $ make -j install (hopefully that should correct you.) Points to remember: ------------------ 1. setup gluster volume 2. run tcmu-runner service Signed-off-by: Prasanna Kumar Kalever <>
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