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doc: describe how to contribute when a GitHub Pull-Request is made
gluster-block does not use GitHub Pull-Requests. However not all developers are aware of this, so showing a note whenever someone creates a Pull-Request should inform them. Change-Id: Ibc717a3d578946b1d260c5a7af6e828b810887d1 URL: Signed-off-by: Niels de Vos <>
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+Many thanks for your interest in improving gluster-block!
+gluster-block does not use GitHub Pull-Requests. Instead, changes are reviewed
+on the Gerrit instance of the Gluster Community at
+In order to send your changes for review, follow these steps:
+1. login on with your GitHub account
+2. add a public ssh-key to your profile on
+3. add the Gerrit remote to your locally cloned git repository
+ $ git remote add gerrit ssh://$
+4. configure the commit hooks
+ $ git review --setup
+5. post your changes to Gerrit
+ $ git review
+You may need to install the 'git-review' package if 'git review' is not
+available. Note that the hooks for the repository make sure to add a ChangeId
+label in the commit messages. Gerrit uses the ChangeId to track single patches
+and its updated versions.
+If there are any troubles or difficulties with these instructions, please
+contact us on or on Freenode IRC in the #gluster-dev