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block: add support to prealloc = full | no option
currently we allocate sparse files for block backends in the gluster volume, with 'prealloc = full' option introduced by this patch we should be able to fully preallocate the backend block file. Change-Id: Ibf32df5f978f732a3fd248693170463da6d08268 Signed-off-by: Prasanna Kumar Kalever <>
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@@ -93,13 +93,16 @@ You can run gluster-blockd as systemd service, note '/etc/sysconfig/gluster-bloc
<b>CLI</b>: you can choose to run gluster-block(cli) from any node which has gluster-blockd running
# gluster-block --help
-gluster-block (0.2)
+gluster-block (0.2.1)
gluster-block <command> <volname[/blockname]> [<args>] [--json*]
- create <volname/blockname> [ha <count>] [auth enable|disable] <host1[,host2,...]> <size>
- create block device.
+ create <volname/blockname> [ha <count>]
+ [auth <enable|disable>]
+ [prealloc <full|no>]
+ <host1[,host2,...]> <size>
+ create block device [defaults: ha 1, auth disable, prealloc no]
list <volname>
list available block devices.