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block: add support to prealloc = full | no option
currently we allocate sparse files for block backends in the gluster volume, with 'prealloc = full' option introduced by this patch we should be able to fully preallocate the backend block file. Change-Id: Ibf32df5f978f732a3fd248693170463da6d08268 Signed-off-by: Prasanna Kumar Kalever <>
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@@ -25,15 +25,18 @@ Note that the gluster-blockd daemon is responsible for block management, hence t
-\fBcreate\fR <VOLNAME/NEW-BLOCKNAME> [ha <COUNT>] [auth enable|disable] <HOST1[,HOST2,..]> <BYTES>
+\fBcreate\fR <VOLNAME/NEW-BLOCKNAME> [ha <COUNT>] [auth <enable|disable>] [prealloc <full|no>] <HOST1[,HOST2,..]> <BYTES>
create block device.
[ha <COUNT>]
multipath requirement for high availability (default: 1)
-[auth enable|disable]
+[auth <enable|disable>]
authentication setting (default: disable)
+[prealloc <full|no>]
+"full" mode preallocates space by writing zeros to storage. (default: no)
servers in the pool where targets will be exported.
@@ -82,6 +85,9 @@ To create a block device of size 1GiB
To create a block device of size 1GiB with auth enable
.B # gluster-block create blockVol/sampleBlock auth enable ${HOST} 1GiB
+To create a block device of size 1GiB, by preallocating storage with zero fill
+.B # gluster-block create blockVol/sampleBlock prealloc full ${HOST} 1GiB
To create a block device of size 1GiB with multi-path(replica) 3
.B # gluster-block create blockVol/sampleBlock ha 3 ${HOST1},${HOST2},${HOST3} 1GiB