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authorPrasanna Kumar Kalever <>2017-02-16 23:01:48 +0530
committerPrasanna Kumar Kalever <>2017-02-17 10:45:27 +0530
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cli: deprecate volserver option
volserver can be considered as "localhost", as we anyway tieing-up glusterd, gluster-blockd and cli processes. Signed-off-by: Prasanna Kumar Kalever <>
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diff --git a/tests/basic.t b/tests/basic.t
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--- a/tests/basic.t
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@@ -77,7 +77,7 @@ TEST systemctl restart gluster-blockd.service
sleep 1;
# Block create
-TEST gluster-block create ${BLKNAME} volume ${VOLNAME} volserver ${HOST} mpath 1 size 1GiB servers ${HOST}
+TEST gluster-block create ${BLKNAME} volume ${VOLNAME} size 1GiB mpath 1 servers ${HOST}
# Block list
TEST gluster-block list volume ${VOLNAME}