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* gluster-blockd: parse create and delete outputsPrasanna Kumar Kalever2017-02-271-1/+1
* cli: add traditional optionsPrasanna Kumar Kalever2017-02-271-0/+4
* cli: change in synopsis for gluster-block commandsPrasanna Kumar Kalever2017-02-241-126/+131
* gluster-block: improve log messagesPrasanna Kumar Kalever2017-02-201-9/+32
* gluster-block: refactor return valuesPrasanna Kumar Kalever2017-02-191-5/+5
* cli: deprecate volserver optionPrasanna Kumar Kalever2017-02-171-15/+2
* cli: improve help messagePrasanna Kumar Kalever2017-02-161-11/+11
* daemon: fix minor bugsPrasanna Kumar Kalever2017-02-161-2/+9
* cli: add command to furnish pkg version infoPrasanna Kumar Kalever2017-02-152-26/+44
* gluster-blockd: create logging directoriesPrasanna Kumar Kalever2017-02-151-2/+4
* gluster-block: add portal creationPrasanna Kumar Kalever2017-02-151-2/+2
* cli: review fixes in gluster-blockPrasanna Kumar Kalever2017-02-111-36/+56
* gluster-block: improve cli usage hintsPrasanna Kumar Kalever2017-02-101-5/+18
* build: fix minor warningsPrasanna Kumar Kalever2017-02-081-5/+7
* gluster-block: migrate build to libtoolz and create rpmPrasanna Kumar Kalever2017-02-072-0/+424