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plugins: Plugin to handle server quorum
Plugin to handle log messages related to server quorum Message is parsed for msgid as the msgid is not correctly populated now Fixed pep8 errors in nscautils and added tests Also changed the service name to remove "Status" -it now reads Volume Quota, for instance Change-Id: I339ed16b3806f853ae3555a998974c47157c95ad Signed-off-by: Sahina Bose <> Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Shubhendu Tripathi <> Reviewed-by: Ramesh N <> Reviewed-by: Kanagaraj M <>
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@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ $actionomprogbinary @glusternagiospluginsdir@/
$template GLFS_NAG_Template,"%msgid%/%syslogfacility-text:::uppercase%/%syslogseverity-text:::uppercase%/%app-name:::uppercase% [%TIMESTAMP:::date-rfc3339%] %msg:::sp-if-no-1st-sp%%msg:::drop-last-lf%\n"
-if ($app-name contains 'glusterfsd' or $programname startswith 'bricks') and not ($msg contains '@cee') then :omprog:;GLFS_NAG_Template
+if (($app-name contains 'glusterfsd' or $programname startswith 'bricks') and not ($msg contains '@cee')) or ($msg contains 'quorum') then :omprog:;GLFS_NAG_Template