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* adding error handling to gswauth-cleanup-tokens toolThiago da Silva2014-02-051-6/+2
* Fixes some TCs that assert for response code 403Pushpesh Sharma2014-01-301-15/+13
* Test cases for gswauth-cleanup-tokenPushpesh Sharma2014-01-241-8/+152
* Provide more generic string in testAssert of some TCsPushpesh Sharma2014-01-211-12/+12
* fix error handing in swauth toolsThiago da Silva2014-01-141-5/+48
* Fix bug where admin is able to delete reseller_adminThiago da Silva2014-01-101-2/+2
* Fix users not able to change their own password/keyPrashanth Pai2014-01-072-8/+75
* Fixes,TCs for user/account operation by non super_admin usersPushpesh Sharma2014-01-061-96/+394
* gswauth: Fix 403 being returned instead of 401Prashanth Pai2013-12-182-12/+34
* renaming swauth tools to gswauthThiago da Silva2013-12-061-9/+9
* Fix test configuration fileLuis Pabon2013-12-051-1/+6
* adding tabular output to swauth-listThiago da Silva2013-11-271-2/+15
* Functional Tests for gswauth_cliPushpesh Sharma2013-11-202-0/+250
* renaming instances of swauth to gswauthThiago da Silva2013-11-132-6/+6
* new gswauth functional testsThiago da Silva2013-11-101-8/+120
* make gluster volume name configurableThiago da Silva2013-11-051-0/+1
* additional gswauth functional testsThiago da Silva2013-11-041-11/+55
* first gswauth functional testsThiago da Silva2013-10-3010-0/+457