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+* Add the quota config xattr to newly added brick
+* Get directory size before enforcing quota limits on rename
+* Xattr cleanup on disabling quota
+* Heal limit-key while self-healing directories in dht
+* Correct the statfs calculation when set limit is beyond actual disk
+ space.
+* Use STACK_WIND_TAIL when quota is turned off to avoid using a frame.
+* Parent gfid xattr self-healing in storage/posix.
+* Failure of regression test related to Quota anonymous fd handling
+ handling. mkdir -p in the test-script was failing with EIO error
+* Add GET_ANCESTRY test cases to posix pgfid regression test cases
+* regression tests related to quota accounting covering all possible
+ cases of dht rename
+* Build Ancestry in quota_update_size if parent is found to be NULL