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+Adding a new FOP
+Steps to be followed when adding a new FOP to GlusterFS:
+1. Edit `glusterfs.h` and add a `GF_FOP_*` constant.
+2. Edit `xlator.[ch]` and:
+ * add the new prototype for fop and callback.
+ * edit `xlator_fops` structure.
+3. Edit `xlator.c` and add to fill_defaults.
+4. Edit `protocol.h` and add struct necessary for the new FOP.
+5. Edit `defaults.[ch]` and provide default implementation.
+6. Edit `call-stub.[ch]` and provide stub implementation.
+7. Edit `common-utils.c` and add to gf_global_variable_init().
+8. Edit client-protocol and add your FOP.
+9. Edit server-protocol and add your FOP.
+10. Implement your FOP in any translator for which the default implementation
+ is not sufficient.