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+# NUFA Translator
+The NUFA ("Non Uniform File Access") is a variant of the DHT ("Distributed Hash
+Table") translator, intended for use with workloads that have a high locality
+of reference. Instead of placing new files pseudo-randomly, it places them on
+the same nodes where they are created so that future accesses can be made
+locally. For replicated volumes, this means that one copy will be local and
+others will be remote; the read-replica selection mechanisms will then favor
+the local copy for reads. For non-replicated volumes, the only copy will be
+## Interface
+Use of NUFA is controlled by a volume option, as follows.
+ gluster volume set myvolume cluster.nufa on
+This will cause the NUFA translator to be used wherever the DHT translator
+otherwise would be. The rest is all automatic.