path: root/rpc/rpc-lib/src/auth-glusterfs.c
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* rpc: warn and truncate grouplist if RPC/AUTH can not hold everythingNiels de Vos2014-04-081-7/+15
* protocol/server: do not do root-squashing for trusted clientsRaghavendra Bhat2014-02-101-2/+0
* rpc/auth: Avoid NULL dereference in rpcsvc_auth_request_init()Harshavardhana2014-01-081-12/+0
* rpcsvc: allocate large auxgid list on demandAnand Avati2013-09-171-0/+32
* rpc: bring in root-squashing behavior in rpcRaghavendra Bhat2013-02-171-1/+5
* remove useless if-before-free (and free-like) functionsJim Meyering2012-07-131-4/+2
* license: dual license under GPLV2 and LGPLV3+Kaleb KEITHLEY2012-05-101-14/+5
* rpc : fix the leak with glusterfs v2 auth structure conversionAmar Tumballi2012-02-141-0/+6
* core: change lk-owner as a 1k bufferAmar Tumballi2012-01-241-93/+123
* Change Copyright current yearPranith Kumar K2011-08-101-1/+1
* LICENSE: s/GNU Affero General Public/GNU General Public/Pranith Kumar K2011-08-061-3/+3
* rpc/rpc-lib : log enhancementsAmar Tumballi2011-03-171-0/+6
* rpc-lib: Fail auth-unix if more than 16 gids foundShehjar Tikoo2010-11-161-0/+5
* rpc-lib: Copy auxiliary GIDs into request from de-XDRed bufferShehjar Tikoo2010-11-161-0/+4
* rpc - cleanup and changes related to rdmaRaghavendra G2010-08-181-1/+1
* changed GNU General Public License to GNU Affero General Public LicensePranith Kumar K2010-08-171-3/+3
* gluster-CLI-and-mgmt-glusterd-added-to-codebaseAmar Tumballi2010-07-081-0/+1
* Move rpc to top-levelVijay Bellur2010-06-281-0/+199