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* Merge branch 'upstream'HEADmasterJeff Darcy2014-04-281-2/+2
| * build: MacOSX Porting fixesHarshavardhana2014-04-241-2/+2
* | Add GF_FOP_IPC for inter-translator communication.Jeff Darcy2014-03-111-1/+92
* Reduce logging caused by non-existing extended attributesNiels de Vos2014-03-011-1/+3
* protocol: pass the size of the data in the WRITE on-wire FOPNiels de Vos2014-01-241-0/+1
* protocol/server: Change log message severityVijay Bellur2013-12-271-2/+2
* server/rpc: bricks goes offline and comes back online, with lots of "No such ...Vikhyat Umrao2013-11-121-3/+5
* server/rpc: Numerous entries of error - "No such file or directory" in bricks...Vikhyat Umrao2013-11-111-3/+6
* glusterfs: zerofill supportM. Mohan Kumar2013-11-101-0/+122
* client_t: phase 2, refactor server_ctx and locks_ctx outKaleb S. KEITHLEY2013-10-311-449/+421
* rpc/rpc-lib: rpcsvc should reply when rpc_err is setPranith Kumar K2013-09-111-176/+179
* features/locks : Improves debuggability of inode/entry locks.Anuradha Talur2013-09-031-0/+32
* libglusterfs/client_t client_t implementation, phase 1Kaleb S. KEITHLEY2013-07-291-316/+277
* protocol/server: Initialize connection variablePranith Kumar K2013-06-271-0/+2
* rpc: duplicate request cache for nfsRajesh Amaravathi2013-06-211-46/+46
* protocol/server: print connection-id in fop failure logs.Raghavendra G2013-06-181-197/+275
* protocol/rpc: move latest added procedures to the end of the arrayNiels de Vos2013-06-171-2/+2
* glusterfs: discard (hole punch) supportBrian Foster2013-06-131-0/+122
* gluster: add fallocate fop supportBrian Foster2013-06-131-0/+119
* license: xlators/protocol/server dual license GPLv2 and LGPLv3+Kaleb S. KEITHLEY2013-04-121-14/+5
* core: remove all the 'inner' functions in codebaseAmar Tumballi2012-12-191-25/+51
* Fix xdr_to_generic success checkKaushal M2012-12-091-45/+124
* protocols: Suppress getxattr log when errno is ENOENTPranith Kumar K2012-10-281-1/+2
* logging: log ENOENT errors in DEBUG mode instead of ERROR or INFORaghavendra Bhat2012-09-171-1/+2
* libglusterfs/dict: make 'dict_t' a opaque objectAmar Tumballi2012-09-061-18/+26
* rpcsvc: remove .vector_actor and related changesAnand Avati2012-08-201-51/+44
* rpc-transport/socket: Add SSL support.Jeff Darcy2012-07-171-1/+2
* remove useless if-before-free (and free-like) functionsJim Meyering2012-07-131-176/+88
* protocol/server: return 'xdata' even in case of errorAmar Tumballi2012-07-121-126/+133
* rpc: variable name changesAmar Tumballi2012-07-121-106/+106
* xlators/protocol: better filenameAmar Tumballi2012-07-041-0/+5744