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log: send current gf_log to syslog conditionally
When compile time option GF_USE_SYSLOG is enabled (which is default), generated logs are sent to syslog with error code ERR_DEV. User can opt to use traditional log at run time by creating /var/log/glusterd/logger.conf file and restarting respective gluster services. Change-Id: I9837d0f99da1afc2189d7ecd214c4293ec53715a BUG: 928648 Signed-off-by: Bala.FA <> Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Gluster Build System <> Reviewed-by: Vijay Bellur <>
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+New logging framework in glusterfs is targeted for end users like
+customers, community members, testers etc. This aims to bring clear,
+understandable logs called user logs whereas the current logging are
+considered as developer logs. The new framework brings with following
+* Each message is logged with proper well defined error code and each
+ error code has well known error message.
+* A logbook has defined error code and error messages. It helps to
+ keep track of possible causes and remedies
+* Log are sent to syslog. The syslog application can be configured to
+ pass them to centralized logging system
+* It brings
+ - Remove repeated log messages
+ - Send alerts to users on certain events
+ - Run a program on events
+ - Call home service on events
+Log book:
+A log book is a JSON formatted file error-codes.json located in top
+level of glusterfs source repository. At compile time,
+generates libglusterfs/src/gf-error-codes.h using the log book and
+gf-error-codes.h.template file. libglusterfs/src/gf-error-codes.h
+consists of header definitions and helper functions to get message by
+code for given locale. Currently it has _gf_get_message() function
+returns message for locale 'en'.
+New entry to log book is added like
+ "IO_ERROR": {"code": 2233,
+ "message": {"en": "I/O error occurred"}},
+ "SETUP_ERROR": {"code": 2240,
+ "message": {"en": "Setup error"}},
+The framework provides two functions
+void gf_openlog (const char *ident, int option, int facility);
+void gf_syslog (int error_code, int facility_priority, char *format, ...);
+Consumers need to call gf_openlog() prior to gf_syslog() like the way
+traditional syslog function calls. error_code is mandatory when using
+gf_syslog(). For example,
+gf_openlog (NULL, -1, -1);
+gf_syslog (GF_ERR_DEV, LOG_ERR, "error reading configuration file");
+The logs are sent in CEE format ( to syslog.
+Its targeted to rsyslog syslog server.
+This log framework can be disabled either at compile time or run time
+- for compile time by passing '--disable-syslog' to ./configure or
+ '--without syslog' to rpmbuild (or)
+- for run time by having a file /var/log/glusterd/logger.conf and
+ restarting gluster services
+Currently all gluster logs are sent with error code GF_ERR_DEV.