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+ Copyright (c) 2013 Red Hat, Inc. <>
+ This file is part of GlusterFS.
+ This file is licensed to you under your choice of the GNU Lesser
+ General Public License, version 3 or any later version (LGPLv3 or
+ later), or the GNU General Public License, version 2 (GPLv2), in all
+ cases as published by the Free Software Foundation.
+#ifndef __QB_COROUTINES_H
+#define __QB_COROUTINES_H
+#include "syncop.h"
+#include "call-stub.h"
+#include "block/block_int.h"
+#include "monitor/monitor.h"
+#include "coroutine-synctask.h"
+int qb_format_and_resume (void *opaque);
+int qb_snapshot_create (void *opaque);
+int qb_snapshot_delete (void *opaque);
+int qb_snapshot_goto (void *opaque);
+int qb_co_open (void *opaque);
+int qb_co_close (void *opaque);
+int qb_co_writev (void *opaque);
+int qb_co_readv (void *opaque);
+int qb_co_fsync (void *opaque);
+int qb_co_truncate (void *opaque);
+#endif /* __QB_COROUTINES_H */