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glupy patch by Ram, Justin: Add/Modify fops, structure types, utility fns
Extend the following fops with Python: * open * readv * writev * opendir * readdir * readdirp * stat * fstat * statfs * setxattr * getxattr * fsetxattr * fgetxattr * removexattr * fremovexattr * link * unlink * readlink * symlink * mkdir * rmdir Add fd_t, inode_t and iatt_t structure types. Modify loc_t structure type; Alter the data types of the following attributes - inode, parent, gfid, pargfid. Modify uuid2str function, which returns a string equivalent for a ctype object representing a gfid, to make use of python's 'uuid' module for accurate representation of uuids. by Justin Clift: Adjust to work with Python 2.6 Work around 'zero length field name in format' bug in's uuid2str function Fix indentation errors in, glupy.h, glupy.c, Change-Id: If0fcfb2866e21c0380a973f8ffab9ea7b6a4cd5d BUG: 961856 Signed-off-by: Ram Raja <> Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Jeff Darcy <> Reviewed-by: Justin Clift <> Tested-by: Justin Clift <>
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