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glusterd/cli changes for distributed geo-rep
Commands: gluster system:: execute gsec_create gluster volume geo-rep <master> <slave-url> create [push-pem] [force] gluster volume geo-rep <master> <slave-url> start [force] gluster volume geo-rep <master> <slave-url> stop [force] gluster volume geo-rep <master> <slave-url> delete gluster volume geo-rep <master> <slave-url> config gluster volume geo-rep <master> <slave-url> status The geo-replication is distributed. The session will be created, and gsyncd will be spawned on all relevant nodes, instead of only one node. geo-rep: Collecting status detail related data Added persistent store for saving information about TotalFilesSynced, TotalSyncTime, TotalBytesSynced Changes in the status information in socket: Existing(Ex): FilesSynced=2;BytesSynced=2507;Uptime=00:26:01; New(Ex): FilesSynced=2;BytesSynced=2507;Uptime=00:26:01;SyncTime=0.69978; TotalSyncTime=2.890044;TotalFilesSynced=6;TotalBytesSynced=143640; Persistent details stored in /var/lib/glusterd/geo-replication/${mastervol}/${eSlave}-detail.status Change-Id: I1db7fc13ffca2e415c05200b0109b1254067f111 BUG: 847839 Original Author: Avra Sengupta <> Original Author: Venky Shankar <> Original Author: Aravinda VK <> Original Author: Amar Tumballi <> Original Author: Csaba Henk <> Signed-off-by: Avra Sengupta <> Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Vijay Bellur <> Tested-by: Vijay Bellur <>
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diff --git a/geo-replication/syncdaemon/ b/geo-replication/syncdaemon/
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--- a/geo-replication/syncdaemon/
+++ b/geo-replication/syncdaemon/
@@ -1056,6 +1056,7 @@ class SSH(AbstractUrl, SlaveRemote):
self.remote_addr, inner_url = sup(self, path,
'^((?:%s@)?%s):(.+)' % tuple([ r.pattern for r in (UserRX, HostRX) ]))
self.inner_rsc = parse_url(inner_url)
+ self.volume = inner_url[1:]
def parse_ssh_address(addr):