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-For information about contributing to GlusterFS, please follow [Contributing to GlusterFS community](
+# Gluster
+ Gluster is a software defined distributed storage that can scale to several
+ petabytes. It provides interfaces for object, block and file storage.
-*GlusterFS does not follow the [GitHub: Fork & pull]( workflow but use [Gerrit]( for code review.*
+## Development
+ Contributions to gluster in the form of patches and new feature additions can
+ be made by following steps outlined at [Developers Guide](
-The development guidelines are detailed in [Development Workflow](
+## Documentation
+ The Gluster documentation can be found at [Gluster Docs](
-The GlusterFS documentation can be found at [our Read the Docs site](
+## Deployment
+ Quick instructions to build and install can be found in [INSTALL](INSTALL) file.
-For more info, please visit [](
+## Maintainers
+ The list of Gluster maintainers is available in [MAINTAINERS](MAINTAINERS) file.
+## License
+ Gluster is dual licensed under [GPLV2](COPYING-GPLV2) and [LGPLV3+](COPYING-LGPLV3).
+ Please visit the [Gluster Home Page]( to find out more about Gluster.