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authorMichael Adam <>2015-12-09 18:57:59 +0100
committerRaghavendra Talur <>2015-12-16 11:13:36 -0800
commit27c16d6da82876a689dfba53b8d45c3a3a657954 (patch)
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hook-scripts: don't let ctdb script change samba config
There are several reasons why the behaviour in the hook scripts was bad: 1. A samba installation is clustered or non-clustered. That does not change because of the availability of the CTDB lock-volume. If the lock-volume is not available (and hence CTDB is not available or not healthy), then Samba won't be operational. But turning it into a non-clustered Samba-installation can in the worst case lead to data corruption if clients manage to access the same files (on share volumes). Hence 'clustering = yes/no' in Samba's config should not be touched. In particular, Samba should not be stopped/started by the hook script. If needed, then ctdb will take care of it. 2. Changing the idmap configuration is potentially dangerous as well. In particular the used tdb2 backend is legacy nowadays and should not be used any more in new installs. (I stems from the times when ctdb could not host persistent databases.) Changing the idmap can result in loss of access to files or in giving access to files where it is not intended. 3. The pattern used for detecting need for change is fragile. It may or may not play well possible manual changes to smb.conf. This change removes the parts that change the smb.conf file and start or stop Samba from the S29CTDB* hook scripts. Change-Id: I72f7aabafa8f089da4531fca2572a72c22825bcc BUG: 1290151 Signed-off-by: Michael Adam <> Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Gluster Build System <> Reviewed-by: Raghavendra Talur <>
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diff --git a/extras/hook-scripts/start/post/ b/extras/hook-scripts/start/post/
index cbb76767eb9..5229ad52e3d 100755
--- a/extras/hook-scripts/start/post/
+++ b/extras/hook-scripts/start/post/
@@ -6,7 +6,6 @@
# restarts smb service.
# - P.S: There are other 'tasks' that need to be done outside this script
# to get CTDB based failover up and running.
@@ -45,16 +44,6 @@ function parse_args () {
-function add_glusterfs_ctdb_options () {
- PAT="Share Definitions"
- GLUSTER_CTDB_CONFIG="# ctdb config for glusterfs\n\tclustering = yes\n\tidmap backend = tdb2\n"
- exists=`grep "clustering = yes" "$SMB_CONF"`
- if [ "$exists" == "" ]
- then
- sed -i /"$PAT"/i\ "$GLUSTER_CTDB_CONFIG" "$SMB_CONF"
- fi
function add_fstab_entry () {
@@ -71,9 +60,6 @@ function add_fstab_entry () {
parse_args $@
if [ "$META" = "$VOL" ]
- # expects ctdb service to manage smb
- service smb stop
- add_glusterfs_ctdb_options
mkdir -p $CTDB_MNT
sleep 5
# Make sure ping-timeout is not default for CTDB volume