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authorN Balachandran <>2019-09-20 13:30:42 +0530
committerN Balachandran <>2019-09-24 13:21:26 +0000
commit74bbad1e73b9b024a666bf5e0fc68465ff0afbdd (patch)
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parente15ca15d7cd39d913d9276f93d7ffd2dd7b85611 (diff)
glusterfs/fuse: Reduce the default lru-limit value
The current lru-limit value still uses memory for upto 128K inodes. Reduce the default value of lru-limit to 64K. Change-Id: Ica2dd4f8f5fde45cb5180d8f02c3d86114ac52b3 Fixes: bz#1753880 Signed-off-by: N Balachandran <>
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diff --git a/glusterfsd/src/glusterfsd.c b/glusterfsd/src/glusterfsd.c
index 65011cd43ef..09dcafb9028 100644
--- a/glusterfsd/src/glusterfsd.c
+++ b/glusterfsd/src/glusterfsd.c
@@ -222,7 +222,7 @@ static struct argp_option gf_options[] = {
"Resolve all auxiliary groups in fuse translator (max 32 otherwise)"},
{"lru-limit", ARGP_FUSE_LRU_LIMIT_KEY, "N", 0,
"Set fuse module's limit for number of inodes kept in LRU list to N "
- "[default: 131072]"},
+ "[default: 65536]"},
{"invalidate-limit", ARGP_FUSE_INVALIDATE_LIMIT_KEY, "N", 0,
"Suspend inode invalidations implied by 'lru-limit' if the number of "
"outstanding invalidations reaches N"},