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glusterd: mount directory getting truncated on mounting shared_storage
Issue: In case of a user created volume the mount point is the brick path 'ex: /data/brick' but in case of shared_storage the mount point is '/'.So, here we increment the array by one so as to get the exact path of brick without '/', which works fine for other volumes as the pointer of the brick_dir variable is at '/', but for shared_storage it is at 'v'(where v is starting letter of 'var' directory). So, on incrementing the path we get in case of shared_storage starts from 'ar/lib/glusterd/...' Fix: Only, increment the pointer if the current position is '/', else the path will be wrong. Fixes: #1480 Change-Id: Id31bb13f58134ae2099884fbc5984c4e055fb357 Signed-off-by: nik-redhat <>
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