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+# Release notes for Gluster 3.10.5
+This is a bugfix release. The release notes for [3.10.0]( ,
+[3.10.1](, [3.10.2](, [3.10.3]( and [3.10.4](
+contain a listing of all the new features that were added and
+bugs fixed in the GlusterFS 3.10 stable release.
+## Major changes, features and limitations addressed in this release
+**No Major changes**
+## Major issues
+1. Expanding a gluster volume that is sharded may cause file corruption
+- Sharded volumes are typically used for VM images, if such volumes are
+expanded or possibly contracted (i.e add/remove bricks and rebalance)
+there are reports of VM images getting corrupted.
+- The last known cause for corruption [#1467010](
+has a fix with this release. As further testing is still in progress, the issue
+is retained as a major issue.
+2. Brick multiplexing is being tested and fixed aggressively but we still have a
+ few crashes and memory leaks to fix.
+## Bugs addressed
+Bugs addressed since release-3.10.4 are listed below.
+- [#1467010]( Fd based fops fail with EBADF on file migration
+- [#1468126]( disperse seek does not correctly handle the end of file
+- [#1468198]( [Geo-rep]: entry failed to sync to slave with ENOENT errror
+- [#1470040]( packaging: Upgrade glusterfs-ganesha sometimes fails to semanage ganesha_use_fusefs
+- [#1470488]( gluster volume status --xml fails when there are 100 volumes
+- [#1471028]( glusterfs process leaking memory when error occurs
+- [#1471612]( metadata heal not happening despite having an active sink
+- [#1471870]( cthon04 can cause segfault in gNFS/NLM
+- [#1471917]( [GANESHA] Ganesha setup creation fails due to selinux blocking some services required for setup creation
+- [#1472446]( packaging: save ganesha config files in (/var)/run/gluster/shared_storage/nfs-ganesha
+- [#1473129]( dht/rebalance: Improve rebalance crawl performance
+- [#1473132]( dht/cluster: rebalance/remove-brick should honor min-free-disk
+- [#1473133]( dht/cluster: rebalance/remove-brick should honor min-free-disk
+- [#1473134]( The rebal-throttle setting does not work as expected
+- [#1473136]( rebalance: Allow admin to change thread count for rebalance
+- [#1473137]( dht: Make throttle option "normal" value uniform across dht_init and dht_reconfigure
+- [#1473140]( Fix on demand file migration from client
+- [#1473141]( cluster/dht: Fix hardlink migration failures
+- [#1475638]( [Scale] : Client logs flooded with "inode context is NULL" error messages
+- [#1476212]( [geo-rep]: few of the self healed hardlinks on master did not sync to slave
+- [#1478498]( scripts: invalid test in
+- [#1478499]( packaging: /var/lib/glusterd/options should be %config(noreplace)
+- [#1480594]( nfs process crashed in "nfs3_getattr" \ No newline at end of file