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authorAdam Cecile <>2018-04-19 22:11:55 +0200
committerPrashanth Pai <>2018-06-12 11:29:09 +0530
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Port to Python 3.x
Based on PR sent by Adam C├ęcile (eLvErDe on GitHub): Additional changes to original PR: * Make it pep8 compliant * Fix comment in getcwd() * Add functest36 env to tox.ini Change-Id: I45c4056333c12a82814cf8adcfa87e6687365366 Signed-off-by: Prashanth Pai <>
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diff --git a/gluster/gfapi/ b/gluster/gfapi/
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--- a/gluster/gfapi/
+++ b/gluster/gfapi/
@@ -10,5 +10,5 @@
__version__ = '1.1'
-from gfapi import File, Dir, DirEntry, Volume
+from .gfapi import File, Dir, DirEntry, Volume
__all__ = ['File', 'Dir', 'DirEntry', 'Volume']