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committerPrashanth Pai <>2017-12-22 18:10:54 +0530
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Expose mounting over unix socket
Change-Id: I17078b6d20372c3935f7bcd8c82f55f96096dd87 Signed-off-by: Prashanth Pai <>
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diff --git a/gluster/gfapi/ b/gluster/gfapi/
index 89d8388..d48aa06 100644
--- a/gluster/gfapi/
+++ b/gluster/gfapi/
@@ -629,7 +629,8 @@ class Volume(object):
Create a Volume object instance.
- :param host: Host with glusterd management daemon running.
+ :param host: Host with glusterd management daemon running OR
+ : path to socket file which glusterd is listening on.
:param volname: Name of GlusterFS volume to be mounted and used.
:param proto: Transport protocol to be used to connect to management
daemon. Permitted values are "tcp" and "rdma".
@@ -658,7 +659,7 @@ class Volume(object):
if None in (volname, host):
# TODO: Validate host based on regex for IP/FQDN.
raise LibgfapiException("Host and Volume name should not be None.")
- if proto not in ('tcp', 'rdma'):
+ if proto not in ('tcp', 'rdma', 'unix'):
raise LibgfapiException("Invalid protocol specified.")
if not isinstance(port, (int, long)):
raise LibgfapiException("Invalid port specified.")