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-Mount GlusterFS volume as non-root user
+Mount GlusterFS volume as non-root user (Glusterfs <3.7.3)
.. versionchanged:: 3.7.3
GlusterFS versions prior to version **3.7.3** requires the following
additional steps to allow non-root users to mount the volume over libgfapi.
- Following these steps is not required for recent versions i.e >= 3.7.3
+ Following these steps is **NOT required** for recent versions i.e >= 3.7.3
One can follow the following steps to allow a non-root user to virtual mount
a GlusterFS volume over libgfapi. This requires a configuration change which
@@ -35,14 +35,3 @@ Restart glusterd service:
Further, use `chown` and/or `chmod` commands to change permissions on mount
point or required directories to allow non-root access to appropriate users.
-If you do not provide a custom location for log file, you might see an error
-similar to the following during mount.
-.. code-block:: python
- LibgfapiException: glfs_set_logging(None, 7) failed: Permission denied
-In such case, provide a log file path that has appropriate write permissions
-or change permission of default log location i.e `/var/log/glusterfs` or
-`/usr/local/var/log/glusterfs` accordingly.