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authorRamesh Nachimuthu <>2014-04-17 16:38:21 +0530
committerBala.FA <>2014-04-29 10:21:37 +0530
commitd0fef7cc3ee1f09536fd2ae85fe1620ee09100a9 (patch)
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volume status: event handler for brick status
Adding an event handler for brick status services. It will reschedule the volume status service to determine the current status of volume after any brick state change Change-Id: I94fa018e5aed15be53f45506f1a38efd698eca79 Signed-off-by: Ramesh Nachimuthu <>
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diff --git a/config/gluster-commands.cfg b/config/gluster-commands.cfg
index f1b94a4..60d6757 100644
--- a/config/gluster-commands.cfg
+++ b/config/gluster-commands.cfg
@@ -95,3 +95,8 @@ define command{
command_name check_cluster_status
command_line $USER1$/gluster/ $HOSTNAME$
+define command{
+ command_name submit_external_command
+ command_line $USER1$/gluster/ -c '$ARG1$' -H '$ARG2$' -s '$ARG3$' -t '$ARG4$'