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authorRamesh Nachimuthu <>2014-04-15 15:13:24 +0530
committerBala.FA <>2014-04-29 10:21:37 +0530
commit2291ee47cd28dab12141fb6c4118d1484f8f5dd6 (patch)
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autoconf: make 'nagios' as the owner of gluster conf folder
Currently root is the owner of gluster config folder /etc/nagios/gluster. Because if this, autocof fails to write the config as it is running under nagios user. With this patch, I am changing the owner of gluster config folder to 'nagios' user. Bug-Url: Change-Id: I0cacc266c22cd66e3558a6b78b39009db0ba9a26 Signed-off-by: Ramesh Nachimuthu <>
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@@ -193,6 +193,7 @@ fi
%attr(0755, -, -) %{_libdir}/nagios/plugins/gluster/*
+%attr(0775, root, nagios) %dir %{_sysconfdir}/nagios/gluster
%files tests