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Custom c programs for locking and multithreaded fops
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@@ -12,3 +12,8 @@ community-scripts/rename/atomic ---> Bug 1034 - rename() is not atomic
community-scripts/locks/ --->Configuration on the command line and (serious) locking problems
community-scripts/locks/lock.php ---> Bug 1017 - Locking deadlock when upgrading lock
+c_pgms/locking ---> programs (both for file as well as directory) for doing open, lock (fcntl and flock), write, close on an fd multiple times to check for a leak in some memory type of the glusterfs process. (bug number 3025)
+c_pgms/threaded_io ---> program for opening a file from multiple threads and each thread doing some operation such as stat, write & truncate, read, chown etc on multiple fds
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