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+Regression testsuite framework has been changed and a new way of executing the
+testcases has been written. How to add new testcases or execute the existing
+testcases is explained below.
+1. Adding new testcases:
+In the regression repository cloned
+(git clone git:// there is a directory named dvm
+which contains the directories after bugid. In each of those directories the
+testcase pertaining to that bugid is added. Thus to add a new testcase for a
+bug (say 2455), a directory named 2455 is created inside the dvm directory
+and the testcase is written inside 2455 directory.
+Testcase pattern should be as below:
+ #!/bin/bash
+ source .regression_helpers
+ {
+ whole testcase goes here
+ }
+ exit $?
+the script is exited with the return value of the last command (which should do
+the checking for the correct working of the functionality being checked).
+Set executable permission on the testcase.
+If the testcase requires mounting then it can be done using following functions.
+a) FUSE: mount_glusterfs <volume name>
+b) NFS: mount_nfs <volume_name>
+2. Executing the testcase:
+The repository contains a file called which should be executed with the
+path to glusterd binary being checked as the mandatory argument. The second
+argument to the script which is the bug id to be tested is optional.
+If a bug id is given as the argument, then only that bugid is tested,
+otherwise all the bugs present in the dvm directory are tested.
+./ <path_to_glusterd> 2455 -> executes the testcase for the bug 2455.
+./ <path_to_glusterd> -> executes all the testcases inside dvm directory.
+./ show -> shows the testcases present in dvm directory.
+See to it that glusterd is not running before running the script since
+starting glusterd and other things are taken care by the script itself.
+If glusterd is already running while script is being executed,
+then the script informs the same and exits.
+NOTE: There is a file called regression_testcase_sample in the repository.
+Please refer it for any doubts. 2-3 Testcases have already been added,
+hence they can be refered too.
+NOTE: While creating the volumes in the testcase please create the volumes
+with the bugid only (there is a variable call global_bug_id exported
+by regression_helpers function) so that volume name will be unique
+(unless the testcase itself is to try volume creation with specific name).
+3. Sending the patches:
+git add <folder_name>
+git commit -a (Add a description to the patch which you are sending.)
+git format-patch -M -1
+Mail the patch to, ccing it to \ No newline at end of file