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changes for regression framework and functions for mounting
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# <>.
-source ./init
source ./regression_helpers
-mkdir $EXPORT_DIR/$global_bug_id;
#testcase starts here
#Export directories should be from $EXPORT_DIR/$global_bug_id directory.
-#Mount point also should be from $EXPORT_DIR/$global_bug_id directory.
+#For fuse mounts use mount_glusterfs $FUSE_MOUNT fumction.
+#For nfs mounts use mount_nfs $NFS_MOUNT function
#Starting the volume, mounting it and checking for the appropriate
#functionality comprises the testcase.
+#the glusterfs binaries for the provided version can be obtained from the
+#$GLUSTERFSDIR variable which points to the directory containing the
+#gluster binaries such as glusterfs, glusterfsd, gluster
#This is my testcase
#testcase ends here