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Notification: Notification handler for ovirt notification
Added a new notification handler to notify nagios events to ovirt. A new contact ovirt is added with the handler which can sent events/alerts to ovirt engine using Rest API. By default all gluster related configuration entities like host, volume, gluster, bricks will have this contact. By default contact ovirt will have some default values for ovirt engie rest api and user fields. User has to fill the right values in ovirt contact defined in gluster-contacts.cfg file. Ovirt password has to be configured as a user variable $USER3$ in file /etc/nagios/private/resource.cfg. User variable $USER3$ used in command to pass the password to the handler. Change-Id: I19074af6ae1ee4a8c16d8821b10a1c3a345f321a Signed-off-by: Ramesh Nachimuthu <> Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Timothy Asir <> Reviewed-by: Sahina Bose <>
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The 'nagios-server-addons.spec' file demonstrates how to distribute
this as an RPM package.
+Sending Notifications to Ovirt Engine
+ Nagios can be configured to send notifications to Ovirt engine to notify important nagios events.
+Configure the 'Ovirt' Contact defined in /etc/nagios/gluster-gluster-contacts.cfg with actual
+ovirt details.
+# Ovirt Engine Rest API URL
+_ovirt_rest_api #http://[ovirt-engine-address]:[port]/ovirt-engine/api
+_ovirt_user # username@domain
+# Ovirt password has to be configured as a user variable USER3$ in file /etc/nagios/private/resource.cfg.
+$USER3$ = [password for the user defined in contact 'Ovirt']
+User variable $USER3$ is used in commands to pass the password to the handler. If some other variable is
+used to configure password than it has to be updated in the nagios commands 'notify-host-to-ovirt' and
+'notify-service-to-ovirt' defined in file /etc/nagios/gluster/gluster-commands.cfg
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